Simpit Links

The sites behind these links are a tremendous resource for the home cockpit builder. As a group they show that building a simpit is not restricted to a special few. Anyone can build one. Individually, each shows personalized and often unique solutions to issues of available space, cash and skills.

Flight Sim hobbyists sometimes let their websites expire. As a result a number of these links are dead. I have not culled the dead links, because while the original sites may be gone, the content is often available through the Internet Archive "WayBackMachine".


A7 Simulations

A-17D Tactical Fighter


A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog) Simulations

A Journey Into Madness - The Birth of an A-10C Sim Pit

Dudley Project Central

Stranded Duckling (Gus's "HogBox")



A300 Simulations

Airbus A300B4-200 Simulator


A319 Simulations

A319.CA Taking Flight with a New Simulator


A320 Simulations

A160 Project (half the A320)


A320 - 200 Projekt von Horst Maron

A320 Projekt

A320 replique

Airbus A320

Airbus A320 Cockpit Project

(another) Airbus A320 Cockpit Project

Airbus A320 Home Cockpit

Airbus A320 Page by Markus Makel

Airbus A320 vs Boeing 737

Airbus A320 - flight simulator

Airbus A320 Flight Simulator

Airbus A320 Home made cockpit by SKALARKI

Airbus Project

A320 Cockpit Project

A320project Flightdeck


Andreas Maurer’s A319/320/321

A320 Flightdec

Airbus Flightsimulator

A320-200 Home Simulator

Airbus A320 Simulator Project by Okan Sacli

Airbus320.NL Cockpit Building

Ballen's A320 Cockpit Project

Building an Airbus Cockpit

Cockpit A320

The Delta Kilo Project

Dream Pilot Project A320 Home Cockpit

The A320 Simulator of Achim Bethke

A320 Project  

FlightDeckProject A320

Flight Simulation - Airbus A320 Cockpit Training Station

Full Flight Simulation Airbus A320 Flight Training Device

Xavier Bofill’s A320 Project

Project Airbus A320 Simulator

Real Flight Sim

Renaud's A320 Flightdeck


Un A-320 en Casa

Virtual Flight Decks

Welcome to


A330 Simulations

Project A330


A340 Simulations

Erhard Wallentin's A340 Sim

Matt O.s' A340 Project

My Home A340 Flight Simulator

Peter Otto Dickenmann’s A340 Project


A380 Simulations

Project Airbus A380 Cockpit


ATR72 Simulations

ATR 72-500 Sim Project

ATR 72-500 Sim Project - John Russell

Cabina de simulador de ATR72-500


B-17 Simulations

Dutch Mountains B-17 Project


B727 Simulations

Boeing 727 Flight Deck Simulator

Boeing 727 Cockpit Simulator Project

Flight & Cockpit

Project 727 Boeing 727-200 Flight Simulator

The 727 Experience


B737 Simulations

737 Basement Simulator  

737 FTD Project

737 Next Gen Simulator

737 Simulator, Home Built

The 737 Simulator

The 737 Simulator Project

737 Simulator Project

737-800 Cockpit Project by Ian Bennett

737-800 Simulator    Jose Molano


737NG Simulator

737NG Cockpit Simulator - The Trials of Building a BOEING 737NG Cockpit

737NG 800 ATD

737NG-800 ATD Project

737NG-900 Simulator Project

737 Project

Alan Dyer B737 Simulator

Andras's 737NG Cockpit

B737 Home Flight Sim



B737NG - Home

Boeing 737

Boeing 737 Simulator

Boeing 737NG Simulator Cockpit at Home

Boeing 737NG Simulator Project

Boeing 737-700 N737AG

Boeing 737-800NG Cockpit Simulator

Boeing 737-800 NG homecockpit

Boeing 737-800 Flightdeck Project

Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulator

Boeing 737


Boeing 737NG

Boeing 737NG Cockpit

Boeing 737 Cockpit Design

Boeing 737NG Cockpit Project

Boeing 737NG Flugsimulator

Boeing B737NG Home Cockpit

Boeing 737NG Sim- Info Page

Boeing 737NG sim by Tomás Molina Hernández

La Cabina de un Simutrastornado

Christian's Boeing 737

Cockpit 737NG.Com Prosjekt av O. Florian

Cockpit do Mauro Ramalho

Cockpit Simulator website

Conception d'un cockpit de Boeing 737 NG

The creation of a 737-800 cockpit simulator

das Projekt Boeing 737-200 Cockpit


EIN117 Simulator "As Real As It Gets"

Eine Boeing 737 im Kellor

Enrico Schiratti’s B737

The evolution of a home cockpit

Flight Deck 737NG by Juan Cordon , and here

Flight Simulator the 737NG experience

Flying the Winglets B737-800W

Frank Bond's 737 Sim

FlightSim 737NG

G-HOLT - A 737-800 flight simulator

Home Cockpit

Jacques Meyer Boeing 737 Flight Simulator

James’ Virtual Flight Deck  

Jetliner NG Simulator

Johnny's Flightsimulator (Glass Cockpit) Flightdeck6

The Joselete & Paco Gago's Cockpit Boeing 737 300/700

JUN's FS Home Cockpit B737

Luxair 737 HomeBuilt Flight Simulator Boeing 737NG

Matt Ford’s 737 Project  

Mi 737

Mon Boeing 737-700

My B737NG Project Site

My Boeing 737NG Simulator

Olle Ramsberg's 737 Project

Patrick's 737NG Cockpit

Projet Boeing 737NG

Project B737NG

Project B737NG - Carlos Hermida

Proyecto Simulador por Mariano Bistuer

Robert's Flightsim Website

Sam Verhoeven’s B737NG Project

Shamrock 117

Sim -737NG

Sim 737 Project

Simulador 737NG - DC-9

Simulador de Vuelo 737-800

Simulateur B-737NG

Sub Terra 737

Welcome to the 737 Hobby Simulator

Welcome to Francisco Sedano's flight simulator



B747 Simulations

747-400 Cockpit Project

Boeing Airliner Flightdeck

The Big Project 747

Boeing 747-400 Home Cockpit Project

Boeing 747-400 Simulator Project

Boeing Cockpit Procedure Trainer

Boeing Cockpit Project

Cockpit Project Boeing 747-400

Matthew Sheil’s 747 Simulator Virtual Flightdeck Project

Jake's Boeing 747 400 Sim

John Dunkley’s Home Made Flight Simulator

Kevin's Home Cockpit Project


Glideslope PS-1

Vivanco Flightsim Website

My Boeing 747-400 Simulator Project

Pascal’s B747-400 Project

Project “J”

Project X

Projet 747-400

Proyecto Boeing 747-400

Johnny Kreis Hangar 3 Flight Simulator Site

Jun’s FS Home Cockpit

Peter Ayache’s FS2000 Home Simulator Cockpit

A Real Boeing 747 Cockpit at Home / Un 747 Dans le Salon

Varxec Air B47-400 Home Cockpit Construction Project


B757 Simulations

The Cockpit Project

Boeing 757

Project 757 Finland


B767 Simulations

The SimBoeing Site

Deltaflight: Michael and David Lehkamp’s B767 Project

B767-300 Home Cockpit Project

B767-300ER Simulator

Boeing 767-300ER Flight Simulator

Erik's SimSite

Flight Sim Project 001

Welcome to my 767 website

Weyes Home Cockpit Blog

World-Flight Boeing 767

767 Cockpit Project

767 Cockpit

767-300 Cockpit


B777 Simulations

Boeing 777 Cockpit Project

Boeing 777 Simulator

Boeing 777 Virtual Simulation

Cockpit Project B777

Robert Prather’s B777 Project

Flightdeck by Leon Portman

Home Build Boeing 777 Simulator Project

Home Flightdeck


Per's Flight Simulator: My ultimate "home office"

Project 777

Projet B777

Project Bluesky

Project - SRI 777



Sim777 A Home Build Cockpit Project

System Simulations

Welcome to my B777 sim site (Steve Becker's project)


Baron Simulations

Baron 58 Cockpit Simulator

CW's Homemade motion flightSim cockpit

Scott's Baron-58



Beech King Air Simulations

Beech 200

Beech Homesim

Bizarreworks King Air Simpit

King Air Flight Sim


Bell Jet Ranger Simulations

Bell 206B Jet Ranger Helicopter Flight Simulator - Trainer

Lucas Harrisson's - Helicopter Flight Simulator Site

Simulateur No 3: Bell 206 a double commandes


B1900 Simulations

B1900D Home Cockpit

Dave's Flight Sim

The Portable Cockpit



An FSBus-based BAE-146 Cockpit


Bf109 Simulations

Bf109 Simpit

Oliver's Cockpit Bf109


C-130H Hercules Simulations

C-130 Sim Thomas Heinke

Dan's C-130 Simulator

VIR's Cockpit


C-160 Simulations

Cptn JoE's Transall - HomeCockpit


C-172 Simulations

Cessna 172 Flight Simulator Project

Cessna 172 Simulator

Cessna Flight Simulator Project


Chris Brace's Cessna 172 project Cessna 172 Skyhawk Flight Simulator

The A H Sawdust C-172 cockpit

Juneau Cessna Sim

My Cessna Sim Project

The Shetland Flyer Cessna 172 Cockpit Project


C-182 Simulations

Alexpilot the official website


Caravelle Simulations

Super Caravelle project and here as well


Cessna Citation Simulations

C560XLS Simulator

Christopher Knizeski's My Simulator


Cessna Conquest II Simulations

Aileszelles Flight Sims


CRJ Simulations

Canadair Regional Jet Home Cockpit

CRJ Series 200 Flight Simulator Project

CRJ700 Project


Comanche Simulations

Andy's Simpit

Grizzly's Comanche Simulator


Dash-8 Simulations

Virtual Flight Deck


Dassault Falcon Simulations Falcon900EX


DC-3 Simulations

Dakota Static Flight Simulator Project

DC-3 Cockpit Restoration Project

Rschoolf's DC-3 Flight Simulator Cockpit


DC-8 Simulations

the DC-8 Cockpit Rescue Project


EC-135 Simulations (helicopter)

EC-135 Based Sim


Embraer 145

Embraer 145 DIY Flight Simulator

Embraer ERJ-145 Home Cockpit Project

ERJ Made Easier

Jungle Jet, The ERJ145 Homebuilt Flightdeck


F-4 Simulations

Bizarreworks A-4K Simpit

F-4D Phantom II Simulator

F-4E Simulator System

Johnnie's SimPit


F-15 Simulations

Cloister Busters Eagle One

F15C Eagle Flight Simulator Project


F-16 Simulations

Aimsworth Simulation

Air Combat Schools Flight Simulator

Akers Barnes Cockpit

Al's F-16 Simulator Home Page

Andreas Fransson’s Cockpit Project

The Birth of Blade's F-16 Flight Sim

Chris Brace's F-16 Project

Chris Crowley's Viper project

Circuit Judge's Viper Progress Pix

Cloister Busters Falcon One

Cobra's Cockpit Page

Cockpit Project

Combat Simulations


Dunk's F-16 Falcon pit builder site

Eagle 9 Systems

Falcon 24

F16 Block 50

F-16 Cockpit Simulator

F-16 Cockpit Trainer

F-16.INFO and here

F16C Blk 50 SimPit Project

F16C Block 50


F16C Flight Simulator

Flareless' Landing

Hans Krohn's Flight Simulator Page

Hellseat 2000 F-16 Scale Simulator

Hoodoo’s Flight Simulator

Italian Combat Flight Simmer

JayCee's Cockpit Pages

Jagstangs' Falcon 4 Stuff

Jam's Flight Sim World

Jet Cockpit Project

John J. Miller’s Flight Sim Cockpit Page

Kiwi Viper

Kukki's F-16 Website

Luc Dompeling's Project

Marc's Cockpit Project

Martin “Pogo” Ingold’s F-16 Project

Martin Schmitt’s site

Matt Wietlispach’s simulator cockpit, and here too, and here!

A Modified A-B Mk.1 Pit

The Multi-Pit Project

My little jet

PC-Based Cockpit Project

Pete's Akers Barnes MK1 Pit

Phaser’s F-16 Page

Python's F-16

A Real F-16 Simulator Cockpit

A Real F-16 Simulator Cockpit & The Glass Cockpit Project

RoadRunner's F-16 'pit

Section 8’s F-16 Flight Simulation Project

Shawn's F-16 Cockpit Project

Sim Hangar

Simon's Akers-Barnes cockpit project

SimPilot2000's Home Built Simpit Site

Surfin's F-16 Viper Project

T-Bird's Custom Cockpit

Venom's Power Link Home Page

Virtual F-16 Cockpit

ViperFlight Simulator


Westy's Cockpit Panel



F/A-18 Simulations


FA-18 Simulator

Hangar 16

Pookie's Cockpit Project


F-84 Simulations

Project F-84F


F-111 Simulations

F-111 Fight Simulator


F-117 Simulations

John J. Miller's Flight Sim Cockpit Page


Fokker Simulations

Fokkersim (F27-500)

Project Fokker 50 Home Cockpit

Project Gaylord Fokker

Building a Sim Cockpit (Fokker 70/100)


Fokker G1 Simulations

Fokker G1 Mercury


FW-190 Simulations

Bazi's Cockpitbau - FW190 D9

SV TOMPCAT's FW190 thread on Check-six!


Generic Heavy Simulations

Alex's Flight Simulator

Jytte's Sim Pit


Mobile Sim

Mon Cockpit Generique

Norbert's Flight SIm Page

Piranha Flight Simulator System

Simon's Decktop Flightsim

Ulisses Simionato

WidevieW Generic


Welcome To Claxton Flight Simulator


Generic Helicopter Simulations

Helibuff's Helicopter Control



Home Cockpit Building

Portable Virtual Helicopter Simulator (PVHS)


Generic Jet Simulator

Bunny's Simpit Project

Dudley Project Central

Hobbyflyging med Flight Simulator

Ruprecht's Unipit - The Universal Flightsim Cockpit


Generic Light Aircraft Simulations

ADS Simpits: For a Simulated World

Das "Bücherregal-GA-Cockpit" für die kleine Brieftasche

Francisco Garcia Garrido

FS-Boneyard & The Boneyard Pilot Web Storage Page

Heli u. Prop Simulator


Innocent Skies


Kokpit GA

Le site de Papa Charlie

Mark-1 General Purpose Simulator Cockpit

Rich Anderson's Cockpit

Rottydaddy's Flightsim Site multi-purpose cockpit

The V-Pit

The X-Plane Cockpit


Jetstar Simulations

Randy Eskow's Jetstar Simulator


Jetstream 41 Simulations

The Jetstream Club


Lear 45 Simulations

Bombardier Learjet 45, About the construction of a Cockpit replica for Flightsimulator

The Lear 45 Project

Lear 45 Cockpit

Lear jet 45 Chimera Flight Sim

Learjet 45 Simulator Project

The Learjet 45 XLR


Mark Did It!

My FSX Lear 45 Project

The Learjet 45 Flight Sim

Project 45

Project Learjet

Welcome to Flight Level 180


Lockheed Simulations

The L-1011 Project


Lynx 285 Skrog Simulations



Mirage F1 Simulations

Mirage Cockpit


Mig Simulations

Mig 21MF simulator


Mirage F-1 Simulations

Dooley's Flight Simulation


MH-60 SeaHawk Simulations



P-38 Simulations

Project P-38F



Pilatus PC12 Simulations

KennAir Flight Simulation


Piper Simulations


OY-Cockpit (Cherokee)

Piper Seneca Simulator

Piper Supercub L21

Tripacer Sim Builder


Glider Simulations

Glider Sim

Polyt - S


R22 Helicopter Simulations

The R22 Project


SeaKing Helicopter Simulations

Gino's Flight Site


Seneca 3 Simulations

Duravia's 3030 Project


Spaceship Simulations

Iceman's Space Flight Simulator

The Space Shuttle Simulator

USV Audrey


Spitfire Mark V Simulations

Simhardware Simulator Project


Spitfire Mark IX Simulations

Project: Simfire


Super Constellation Simulations

Super Connie Sim


Tornado Simulations

The Tornado Project


Unique, Class of Its Own

Cockpit Builder’s Room

A 1940 Flight Simulator


Viggen Simulators

The Mobile Flightsimulators

The Viggen Project